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Upcoming Events:

“Minecraft Feast: Feeding the Minds & Bodies of our Homeless Keiki” Service ProjectMC Feast

Research shows that poverty during early childhood strongly influences how far a child progresses in school. For many reasons, homeless children lack interest in academics. On the other hand, game-based learning using 3D virtual worlds like Minecraft has been shown to increase learning motivations of students.

AECT-Hawaii & Hawaiian Hope are proud to host the “Minecraft Feast: Feeding the Minds & Bodies of our Homeless Keiki” service project. The Minecraft Feast service project serves to achieve two goals – 1) Feed the minds of our homeless keikis by immersing them in a curriculum-based Minecraft hands-on lesson conducted by Shane Asselstine ; and 2) feed them a nutritious lunch during the event. We are hoping to host about 30-50 homeless keikis (age range 8 – 12 years old) and their accompanying parent/guardian for this event:

When: Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 9:30 am – 3:00 pm
Where: Maili Internet Café, 87-132 FarringtonHwy, Waiʻanae, HI 96792 

We invite homeless keiki between the ages of 8 to 12 years old (accompanied by one parent/guardian) to experience a curriculum-based Minecraft hands-on lesson and nutritious lunch. Please register online at (http://bit.ly/MCFeastRegister) or in-person at Maili Internet Cafe latest by March 14, 2016.

We invite volunteers to join and be of service. Please register online latest by March 11, 2016http://bit.ly/MCFeastVolunteer

Please consider donating to the Minecraft Feast service project (any amount is greatly appreciated) through our crowdfunding campaign on Generosity.com: http://bit.ly/MCFeastDonate

For more information, please contact Dr. Peter Leong at 808-956-3902 or email peter.leong@hawaii.edu

AECT International Convention 2016AECT2016smalllogo

October 17-21, 2016 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

This year’s convention theme is Learning from Las Vegas. The goal of the convention is for all participants to learn from the experiences and activities of the convention, enriching their lives and their professional skills. Of particular interest this year is a focus on creativity; creativity in teaching, research, and in design as it is applied to the field of educational technology. We are creating in our research and the development of new knowledge; sharing that new knowledge is central to the AECT Convention. Early-bird registration before May 18, 2016: http://www.aect.org/events/registration/

Past Events:

Minecraft Play & Talk Story Session – February 6, 2016MCplaytalkstory

A group of about 20 participants consisting of UH students, DOE teachers and community members attended our  Minecraft Game-Based Learning Play & Talk Story session at Momilani Elementary School Library in Pearl City from 9:30am to 12:00noon on Saturday, February 6th! Shane Asselstine, the curriculum and technology coordinator at Momilani Elementary led a hands-on workshop to explore the use of game-based learning & Minecraft. As an advocate of game based learning, Shane shared his experience of using MinecraftEdu to leverage game mechanics to engage students in his classroom.  The group enjoyed a lively talk story session about how they’re doing or planning to do with game-based learning.

ETEC Connections – October 18, 2014DSC02231_cropped

Our first student ohana building event and alumni reunion was held on Saturday, October 18th on the Manoa campus. It was a party!! Great friends (current students and alumni), PhD panel, music (Hawaiian Soul), and food (Jem of Events). A special thank you to all of those that attended the event. See you next year!

Check out LTEC’s Facebook page for more pics.

AECT International Convention 2013aect convention

October 29-November 2, 2013  (Anaheim, California)

This year’s convention theme is Innovate! Integrate! Communicate!. Over the last year there has been a renewed interest among the general public in using technology for training and education. Fueled by high profile projects such as the Stanford AI class, MITx, and the Khan Academy, many organizations have been rushing to implement technology enhanced learning and instructional systems. Not surprisingly, just as has happened several times before when the pendulum of popular opinion has swung toward greater use of technology for learning, more than a few of these organizations are rushing to embrace ill-conceived and poorly researched strategies and techniques that have consistently failed in the past. We know better! The membership of AECT is in a unique position to shape the future of learning and instruction. We are a nexus for research and communication about educational technology.

TCCfx 2013: Preparing for Successtccfx

October 16, 2013

TCCfx 2013 is a complimentary 1-day online conference that serves as a platform for the growing educational technology (ETEC) community. This online conference aims to connect, collaborate, create, and improve teaching and learning in the 21st century by empowering current and prospective ETEC students and others to prepare for success in their graduate programs and their future professions. Join us!

Mobile Learning: Education Within Reach for Everyone (Webinar)

September 24, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Mohamed Ally, Professor, Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University, Canada

Editor of Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training

The webinar link can be accessed HERE!

Research Priority of Mobile Learning in Five Years (Webinar)

September 10, 2013





Speakers: Dr. Yu-Chang Hsu, Assistant Professor of Educational Technology, Boise State University; Dr. Yu-Hui Ching, Assistant Professor of Educational Technology, Boise State University; Dr. Chareen Snelson, Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair in the Department of Educational Technology, Boise State University

The webinar link can be accessed HERE!

Relay for Life 2013

April 13, 2013

AECT Hawaii participated in the Relay for Life at the University of Hawaii. Relay for Life supports the American Cancer Society and its goal of raising awareness and funds for those fighting cancer. AECT HI raised $500 as part of the event’s fundraising activities.

Other memories from events (Game Night and AECT Conference 2012)